The Year 2012

December 21st2012 is a date that many diverse schools are pinpointing aspowerfully unique. Some factions are promoting it as the End of theWorld as we know it, others as the End of the Calendar. This articleexplains, in mechanistic terms exactly WHY this date is such amomentous one. It asks How the Mayan Indians, three thousand yearsago, appear to have known things that we today, are only justbeginning to rediscover. It questions whether this date is actuallythe ‘End’ of anything or whether perhaps it is the beginning ofsomething new. It explains how the realization of this specificpotential is entirely up to us and how we choose to perceive it. Itasks what will be the effect of those choices that we make Now, andin the period leading up to that date. It explores whether we can infact have beneficial influence over our own Destiny, and finally itoffers a few thoughts and suggestions that may be of assistance to usin actually achieving this!

There is much fear andterror being spread by those that ‘control’ the Planet at thistime. There is also much Love and Compassion being generated by thosewho live on the Planet at this time. These two emotions each occupy aplace at opposite ends of the Human emotional spectrum. They can notboth truly and fully co-exist in the same being. Thus we have adilemma. Are we to destroy ourselves totally or are we to go on to agloriously unparalleled Omniversal future? Thus also we have thescenario of a battle; the battle between the Light and the dark,between Good and evil, between the high and the low emotionalfrequencies and between two extremes of Human consciousness.

This could be a verydangerous situation.

The importantimplication here is that much of this battle actually takes placewithin ourselves, as individuals, rather than without. Ultimately thevictor is the one self over the ‘other’ self. Love over fear. Themany, who are waking up from long amnesic slumber, have the potentialto hold sway over the ‘controlling’ few who are, perhaps,becoming entrapped in the ‘terror-cages’ of their own making;this is a scenario of their own worst nightmares. It is only theconscious balancing, through choice, of the true individual self thatcan, and always will, win through.

The importantimplication here is that much of this battle actually takes placewithin ourselves, as individuals, rather than without. Ultimately thevictor is the one self over the ‘other’ self. Love over fear. Themany, who are waking up from long amnesic slumber, have the potentialto hold sway over the ‘controlling’ few who are, perhaps,becoming entrapped in the ‘terror-cages’ of their own making;this is a scenario of their own worst nightmares. It is only theconscious balancing, through choice, of the true individual self thatcan, and always will, win through.

When a critical mass ofindividuals has made the same ‘correct’ choice this ‘battle’may, in the greater part, be considered won!

Many eminent nuclearphysicists have long understood that atoms and subatomic particlesspin, often around each other. We understand that the Moon spinsaround the Earth and that together in their turn, the Earth and Moonspin around the Sun. We know that an orbit of the Moon around Earthequals one 28 day month (there are 13 of them per year not12!) andthat an orbit of Earth around the Sun equals one 365 day year.

What fewer peopleunderstand is that the entire Solar system itself, as a unit, spinsand orbits around a ‘Central’ star, that of Alcyone (or ‘AllSee One’ depending upon how it is annunciated!). This Central Staris nowhere near the centre of the Galaxy, but is local and central tothe orbital route of our Solar System and is visible to us in theconstellation of Pleiades. There are indications that Alcyone,although it appears to be ‘in’ Pleiades, is actually midwaybetween the two systems and that BOTH, in their turn are orbitingAlcyone diametrically opposite one and other. This would give theappearance therefore, from Earths perspective, of Alcyone alwaysbeing ‘in’ Pleiades. One such indicator is that the subsequentand relative ‘movement’ of the backdrop stars to Pleiades are, asevidenced in photographs taken from Earth fifty years apart, movingtwice as fast as they would were Pleiades NOT orbiting Alcyone!

It takes the SolarSystem 26,000 Earth years to complete one orbital cycle aroundAlcyone. It takes 72 years to complete one degree of the 360 degreetotal. This full period is a ‘year’ for the Sun or one SiderealYear. This in turn can be divided into sectors (or ‘pieces ofcake’!) of two different groupings.

1). People belonging tothis grouping divide the 26,000 year circle into 13 sectors of 2000thousand years, with each representing a Western Astrological Age. Weare, as the Musical ‘Hair’ pointed out, entering the Age ofAquarius, thus 21/12/12 represents our full entry into the AquarianAge. Christ was born 2000 years ago at the beginning of the previousAge. The reason that this can be named as a specific ‘Age’ isbecause from the Alcyonic perspective, the backdrop to the Sun atthis time is actually the constellation of Aquarius (although someAstrologers point out that through a 2 or 3 thousand year ignoranceof the Sidereal year this system is in itself now flawed!) but thatis the working principle.

2).People belonging tothis grouping divide the orbit into 5 sectors of 5200 years, witheach representing an Age or ‘World’. According to the peacefulHopi, themselves descended from the South American Indians such asthe Maya, we are now coming to the end of the fourth and penultimateWorld (4 x 5200 = 20,800) before completion of one great 26,000 yearcycle. Thus 21/12/12 represents the end of the fourth sector oforbital route (and the end neither of the Calendar NOR of the Earth!)and the beginning of the Fifth and final sector before a new SiderealYear begins. The Hopi point out that when the last ‘World’ endedit was by flood (putting its date at around 5200 years ago!) this‘World’ they say, may call upon the assistance of most of theElements (Fire, Meteorites, Water, Earthquakes, Wind etc) to assistin its transition.

The extraordinary thingabout the South American Mayan Indians is that they appear to havebeen aware of ALL of these dynamics and more, several thousand yearsago and to have based much of their culture, many of their games andmost of their calendrical methodologies upon them. They appear tohave left ‘clues’ in their Codices and inscriptions and even inthe alignments of their Pyramids, that all point to this one date in2012. Why?

Let us surmise severalthings for a moment… firstly that We are possibly not the onlyHuman beings in the Universe! Next let us assume for the same momentthat, where we may have mastered the Third Dimensional reality,others may have mastered the subsequent and higher DimensionalRealms. Let us assume that in mastering these, a necessary andcomplete comprehension of Time and all its workings is achieved.Imagine then, if you will, that the Maya are in fact ‘Time-Keepers’for the ‘Time-Lords’ of this Universe.

OK this may soundfar-fetched but let us treat it simply as an exercise in mentalagility, a good limbering up for the atrophied brain-muscles;politics, religion and installed belief systems can be set aside justfor a while!

IF the Maya were ableto enjoy moving around, in and through Time, imagine for a momentthat you are one of them and that you choose to ‘drop in’ and seeEarth’s environs and her people from a viewpoint three thousandyears ago. Imagine that, working with Love, you choose to look‘ahead’ in time by a further three thousand years to ‘Now’and that you succeeded in ‘spotting the difference’. You saw theabsolute chaos and pain of these present times, you saw the messwe’ve made and you saw the very, very rocky-looking road ahead.What might you then have chosen to DO about it?

As any good ‘StarTrek’ fan knows, it is deemed against Universal Law to directlyintervene or interfere with the destiny or development of any remote,indigenous and evolving (Human) species. With this in mind and withyour desire to effect an alteration to the potential destiny of thosethat you are viewing through the lenses of Time paramount, what mightyou then have done?

You would probably havechosen to leave clues and information, from your position threethousand years ‘in their past’, that if and when rediscovered anddecoded, would have given those future beings not only a choice intheir own destiny, but also the option thereby, to totally avoidtheir own worst case scenario! You would have achieved this WITHOUThaving to directly intervene and thereby break Universal Law!

Having done this youcould then allow your culture, its people and their ways to move onto the next ‘project’ and disappear, much as the Maya do seem tohave done, without trace, leaving the jungles to smother the‘evidence’ until such fortuitous time in the future as it may be‘rediscovered’.

OK that may be MissionAccomplished for You and the Mayans…. But where does it leave Ushere and now?

The information thatwas left to us indicates that for just a few hours on December 21st2012 there are two Planetary/Stellar/Galactic axis of alignment thatoccur, only once in every 26,000 years, that together will have apotentially profound effect, if we allow it, upon the future ofHumanity on Earth. Here is why:

It has been suggestedthat we have forgotten ‘who’ we are… that we have ‘misplaced’our true genetic heritage and that we have been stumbling around inthe slow-motion porridge of the Third Dimension for so many aeons asto have entirely lost track of what our original mission here was; wemay even be about to embark upon such tyrannical and oppressivebehaviour as building Armed Military Colonies on the Moon and onMars! We have become entrapped in our own past! The Sun on the otherhand, and thereby the Earth also, wish to evolve to the next stage oftheir life-cycles and are, even as you read this, increasing theirenergetic and vibratory rates. We are sensing this and seeing it insome of the climatic anomalies occurring and wanting to ‘go alongwith it’, but are not quite sure of how.

The Maya have indicatedthat the alignment of Earth, the Sun and Alcyone with the Centre ofthe Galaxy, combined with the fact that Earths Equator will on thisdate be exactly parallel with the Plane of our Galaxy, and we areagain reminded that these two things ONLY occur ONCE in every 26,000years, will cause a momentary but massive modulation of focusedCentral Galactic Light or Intelligence, fairly and squarely upon thissmall Planet that will, in turn, have the ultimate effect of reducingthe Veils or ‘curtains’ that exist between the (co-existing)dimensional realms to an ultra-thin state.

It is this momentarythinning that will allow even such dense bodies as ours to passacross or through, and into the next dimensional reality withcomparative EASE! Again there is no other time for us, within this26,000 year cycle, where such an opportunity arises. The Mayansindicate also that this is the potential of our brilliance; theability to execute, through our own volition, a momentary but quantumleap in our own evolution! NO Humanity up until now we are told, hasEVER achieved this particular maneuver. (Partially perhaps, onewonders humorously, because no humanity has ever bothered to getitself into quite as much ‘shit’ as we have and has thereforeever HAD to contemplate such a maneuver?).

‘What’ you may wellnow ask is the difference between the third and fourth dimensionanyway and what is it about the fourth one that is going be so muchbetter for us than the third?

Here we have tospeculate but it seems that Time essentially collapses to become oneconstant ‘NOW’ for us and that our ability to generate our owninstant realities (rather than those foisted upon us by our Media andGovernors!) becomes the norm, so also, such abilities as telepathyand teleportation. Colours may have a greater visible range and bebrighter and more iridescent. Perhaps this is where the AustralianAboriginal Dreamtime has been all along?

The essential pointshere however are that unless you are clear and clean of body, mindand spirit; unless you have learned to work with Love and not terror;unless you have adopted an optimistic approach to life, the ‘filter’of the interdimensional veil will not find it easy to allow yourpassage through it in the last place. It will therefore be importantfor us to prepare ourselves by learning to see ‘time’ as slowlycollapsing construct and consisting instead of a long series of‘nows’, all joined together. It will be useful to start gettinginto the habit of NOT worrying about what we should have doneyesterday or of what might befall us tomorrow, but instead to learn afocus upon the fullness and uniqueness and indeed, the largeness of‘NOW’.

It will be requisitefor us to learn to trust our intuition and to acknowledge and affirmthe helpful little ‘coincidences’ with which the Universeincreasingly obliges us. It then becomes a clearer choice for eachand every individual as to whether they move on or whether theychoose to endure ‘another 26,000 years’ of being stuck in acollapsing third dimension! (If the one on Earth collapses completelyand you still really want to stay, there will be plenty of othersavailable!).

On a Soul level we ALLchose to be here at this amazing time in our planet’s

History, it IS perhapsjust a matter of reminding ourselves of How and of What we are trulycapable. These next years are but a nanosecond on the as yetunwritten pages of the history-book of Earth and those hours of21/12/12 are but a micro-moment on the face of the Universal clock.Let US write those pages. Let us not miss it.. ‘For All the World’!

A final point of whichto be very well aware is that the world management teams DO NOT wantus to make this move because it will automatically remove us fromtheir clutches and thereby from the 3D system-matrix that makes theirgreedy, materialistic, deceptive and destructive ways possible in thefirst place! If those ‘in control’ here feed off our fear thensurely, if we do not generate it for them, they must either starve…or they must themselves choose to join us and ‘move on’? This isa choice that is freely available to every human on the planet andnot soley to those who may smugly believe themselves deserving ofit!!

As Simon Peter Fullerpoints out in his book ‘Rising Out of Chaos’ the New (Aquarian)Age can not be built upon rotten foundations and the ‘NewStructures’ can not be erected until the old have collapsed. Heassures us however that ‘waiting in the wings’, right the way‘from the bottom to the top’, are those fully qualified to movein and to efficiently and effectively install the New in a timeperiod much shorter than ever we could imagine! In the presentpolitical climate this could be a sound reason for optimism!

This rapid installationcan occur only once we, the people of Earth, have ‘cleared the way’and consciously requested it. This will in its turn pave the way forLateral Systems of Governance unencumbered by the inadequacies of thepresent Hierarchical systems.

Finally, to close hereis a Meditation, again shared by Simon. It can be done individuallyor as a group. Please envisage a Golden Light emanating from theEarth’s centre and up through your feet and into your Body. Seeyour Body as being the lens through which this diffuse light isfocused into a bright golden laser beam shining out through the topof your head to encircle the globe… know that where this, yourbeam, intersects those of others, you are together forming a powerful‘node’ on the New Dimensional Template of our Future! Thank You.

Let’s Go For It….Surely, it's Why We are Here! No Surrender!!

Footnotes and Quotes

Jose Argüelles,who has done a great deal of work in decoding the Mayan wisdoms andhas been recognized by the remaining Mayan Elders as the official’Closer of the Age’, strongly suggests the global adoption of theafore mentioned ’13 Month Lunar Calendar’ to replace the 12 monthGregorian Calendar. He feels also that our use of mechanistic andtechnological methods to measure and work with time have created a‘Technosphere’ (Tick-Tock-Time-Clock!). This is in turninsulating us from a proper connection with the ‘Noosphere’ (thelevel on which all human thought merges). Use of The Lunar Calendar,he suggests, will act as a simple and effective method for:

  1. Facilitating our return to a harmonic relationship with the most local ’time-wheel’of our System.
  2. Acting as a means for our organic reconnection to the ever widening and inter-connectedUniversal intelligence-cycles.
  3. Assisting us insecuring a conscious and successful growth toward and involvement in,the coming events of 2012-13.

NOTE: The 13month Lunar Calendar was proposed for (failed) adoption to the Leagueof Nations (later The ‘United Nations’) in the 1930’s and wasopenly accepted by all but the Roman Catholic Churches, whos’ LobbyGroup expressed their fears that when the 365th day of theyear (13 x 28 = 364!) landed on a Sunday, God would be furious andthat as a result, no one would ever be forgiven!.. Pope Gregory’sCalendar remains, thus far, the irrelevant norm.

‘EARTHDREAM 2012-13’is a proposed journey, envisaged by the author, around Australia inthat year to recognize and celebrate our new massive potential.

Earthdream Website: <<>>

2012 Unlimited Website: <<>>

Four last (humourous)thoughts:

  1. “If the PeopleLead; the leaders will follow” Graffiti.
  2. “If votingchanged anything, they’d make it Illegal!” Graffiti.
  3. Gandhi, when askedwhat he thought of ‘Western Civilization’, replied that “It wouldprobably be an extremely good idea!”.
  4. Maharaji (Initiallyin a very serious voice) “In the Beginning there was Nothing. Thenthere was LIGHT…. there was still nothing; you could just see it abit better!


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