Earthdream 2000 was concieved by MUTOID WASTE CO. in London in 1988 and since then has been carried by word of mouth and occaisional back up press globally.

Following on from the path laid down at Earthdream 1 in Melbourne in 1991 Earthdream 2,3,4,& 5, called people to gather and celebrate the June solstice in diverse locations varying from a hilltop carhenge in Gippsland , an old chocolate factory in sunshine and most recently to the dessert dunes overlooking Lake Eyre South in South Australia.

Contrary to rumour E.D. 2000 soltice gathering is to be held near Uluru (Ayers Rock) on the 21st June and is not on New Years Eve !! ( We will let the rest of the planet go off on that night!!) E.D. 2000 is planned as a journey departing Port Augusta S.A. on May 1st. 2000 and will travel up through the centre of Australia stopping off at a number of points with the big Millennium soltice gathering, near Uluru (formally Ayers Rock), on the 21st June, then travelling North to Darwin and then South West to Stradboke Island (Brisbane) by Sept -Oct the same year.

Key dates include May 5th (major planetary configuration) June 21st in the centre (winter solstice Southern Hemisphere) & July 24th (solar return - Mayan New Year).

We are attempting to find a balance between full on rave, workshops addressing land rights, water and uranium issues, and finally corroboree sharing with local Aboriginal groups.

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