Mutoid-Mid-Journey-Missive: By Robin Mutoid. 29th Aug 2001, Katherine Hot Springs.

So a full twelve months rolled around in what seemed like one month and 25 good souls gathered at Wilpena Pound in May for the start of Earthdream 2001...yeah beautiful energy spiralled around us there as the massive bowl-shaped accumulator hummed out its immense frequiencies. E.D was welcomed by staff and offered a small discount!! A couple of roos and radiators got mashed on that Hawker road.

Kevin Buzzacot advised us that Beverley Uranium mine had brought up the entire station that surrounds the mine so you're tresspassing 25km before you even get to the gate!! A mob went out to Nepabunna and rode out on horse back with Uncle Ronnie Coulthard to check the country.

Mutoid crew moved straight up the track to our beautiful desert playground now officially named 'MUTONIA' at Alberrie Creek. Roo stew on the hob and we heard of how "huge winds of 100mph" had spiralled through and taken the windmill flower down but how Planehenge had unmoved by the tempest1! Handy-Andy the local Maree Cop was soon on hand as talkative and "helpful" as soon became obvious that his biggest concern was the ohminous Peace Bus "where was it? How many people in it? When was it arriving? We convienintly knew nothing!!

Phil and Sioux and Fairy Mu ex Melbourne Underground Development (MUD) rocked up loaded with holographic twinkle dust and U.V paint.....shit, that windmill flower got the paintjob of a life time! It was re-erected and anchored to new railway line stanchoins. Also subjected to the voracious paint brushes were new signage on the track "Welcome to Mutonia Sculpture Park" and two beautiful lizards on Ronnies fence.

Party night went off, the Peace Bus arriving out of the darkness blasting tunes and sporting fire twirlers on the roof. Backed in under the planes as DJ station; pyrotechnics and flame throwers lit the planes as dawn rose and Minna's new Blaster-Bra belching fire from high on the centr wing span-spin-spun.

The Giant Dog (Dotty the Dingo) took one month to construct, building a massive triangular R.S.J frame around the old cast iron water tank and hoisting a Valiant Sedan (dragged 15km up the trak with no wheels!) as the head. A dodge truck bonnet cut in half providedear and jaw pieces, Minna executed some stunningly dangerous rigging stunts and the mitsibishi winch did all the heavy lifting work. Richard and Heidi (Every Picture Tells a Story) showed up just in time to help get the tail decorated and presto, you see that dog from 20km down the track. Big thankx to Murry for the use of his generator and to Ronnie and Blanche for all the diesel... Total cost of Dotty =$200!!! The sculpture is dedicated to the Keepers of Lake Eyre in respect to their "Dogged" determination in the face of extreme corperate tactics!

The rains fell; Alberrie Creek flowed for the second time this year. Wow... the Oodnadatta was closed and we splashed and sploshed our way around the playground as milliions of seed germinated casting a green hue over the land.

Arse and the mobile-on-board-brew-crew had all headed for Alice, hired a system and done the Earthdream Solstice thing at the claypans; performane skills and rap workshops were executed for the kids in Alice. Collier left his Maggy- Deutz truck (that he had shipped from Germany) at the transport museum until his return in August. Crew worked the Carny again for fuel $$$$, the ED/Carny relationship continues to grow.

On the track to Darwin again Mataranka springs providing welcome relief. Mutoid crew did their thing on a cliff top overlooking Casurina Beach for Damaged Disco a Fringe Techno event, in the forest at Rum Jungle for this years excellent festival at Manns place (no he didn't turn the system off half way through the night this time) and finally for the Darwin Fringe closing party at the WWII oil storage tank in Doctors Gully, where Minna Blaster-Bra'd backwards upside-down ona flying fox cable over the audience; another classic stunt!!

The no camping situation in Darwin is now over the top with it being an offence to sleep between sunset and sunrise in a pulic place; "anti-social laws" abound....maybe the new Labour heirarchy will back off a bit?

Ok so we are now out of there and about to head west via Kimberley's to Broome and zap the Pearl festival there with fire and light.....

Earthdreamin' never dies
charge the circuit
throw the switch
to manual override.

More later........